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Originally Posted by gort View Post
Military Helping In Fake Moon
Walk Rehearsal And
The Mystery Ladder
By Ted Twietmeyer

The various branches of the service have both dress uniforms and work uniforms. The top half of a common work uniform consists of a dress shirt (for the army, it's light green) with rank insignias on the sleeves and a necktie. In the following video clips, I attempted to use frames where the stage crew members were standing relatively still to minimize video artifacts. The following stills are not enhanced in any way except for graphic notation added for clarity. Sharpening any image will create additional artifacts which will further confuse the issue and was not performed on any of these images for that reason. The truth about the moon landing
Gort, are you serious? This "researcher" you adhere to uses still frames from this video to "prove" his case

This fake moon landing video was produced by a viral marketing company called "The Viral Factory" and was directed by Adam Stewart in 2002. This viral hoax led to 3,000 people, taken in by the footage, calling NASA to complain about their dishonesty in saying that they had conquered the moon. They played the hoax believers for the suckers that they are and they bit.

40+ years later no one has produced credible evidence of any fakery by NASA.

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