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Originally Posted by sidlittle View Post
Apparently Jane Beresford was in battery park and witnessed the 2nd hit. I looked into this 3 years ago and discovered that rather than being your average witness as the BBC tried to pass off, she was in fact a BBC producer

Bryan has more on this here..

As Bryan found for himself, you barely find scraps on this woman on the internet.

If you listen to her account in the video, she seemingly had the best seat in the house.

Question:Why then, didn’t the BBC follow up with her on September 11, the days and weeks after, nor any time since?
None of the live eyewitnesses were followed up after they reported by phone to the TV newsdesks. Even though most - if not all - had strong links to the same network that broadcast their call, none was interviewed later that day in the studio and none was visited by a camera crew at the place where the event was witnessed. As far as I know, none has written about 9/11 or appeared in any 9/11 documentary to this day.

The planehuggers will keep a straight face and tell you that these eyewitnesses were most likely traumatised by what they saw and the media chose to respect their privacy.
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