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Originally Posted by wthree View Post

I've yet to see anything remotely conclusive showing the Hezz video to be fake.

And to me it looks perfectly real. Thats great if you think it looks a little CGI-ish. But thats not exactly evidence, is it?

Explain exactly how these are 'magically healing columns'

Yet again, nothing more that 'there is a small amount of doubt in this witness' and 'this looks cartoony to me'.
NO HOLE! but to be fair the plane hasn't hit yet!



NO HOLE! - and I would just like to point out that despite the front half of the plane having now entered the building, the tower appears fine. Yay!

JESUS H CHRIST!! STILL NO HOLE!! - and look how the wings and tail maintain their integrity! Lovely stuff!

The image above is ridiculous. The plane is halfway through and there simply isn't the damage we see in the later shot. This is highlighted in the gif below when comparing the penultimate frame to the last. These two frames prove that it isn't a question of video quality.

Throughout the entire violent interaction, the 'plane' doesn't alter a fraction. Not a jot and in the penultimate frame from the gif below , we can even see the right wing tip, comically, pathetically, poking out from the undamaged fa├žade.

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