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Originally Posted by sertes View Post
Is this your way of dismissing the fact the no-plane theory has no witness in favor?

Ok, I have the first row of results, witness looking at WTC and placed south of the south tower:

Saw the plane impact: everyone
Saw the explosion but not the plane: zero
Originally Posted by sidlittle

South of the South tower is basically battery park and the Atlantic.

Who are these witnesses ? What has your research found ?.

I’ll help you out and give you three witnesses who claim to have been south of the south tower.

1. Michael ‘ Oh my God, the plane just crashed into the building ‘Hezarkhani

Supposed diamond dealer who says he can’t talk about his video as the rights lie with CNN. Mind, you this information was gleaned in his chat’ with Jeff ‘shill’ Hill, AKA ‘shure’, so who knows what could be true? . For the record, I question whether, this entity Michael Hezarkhani actually exists.

Anyhow, much discussion in the thread below. Note that audio fakery is proven with the existence of contradictory soundtracks to his shot (killtowns post on the first page).

As for visual fakery’s 2011 and many people still believe the visual imagery represents a real plane. I have no idea how one could look at this time-lapse image below and conclude that the Hezarkhani film represents real footage of a nuts and bolts passenger plane about to glide into the south tower. It’s worse than Playstation.

Magically healing columns

2. Carmen' and her magic mavika' Taylor

Took this photo..

The synchronous nature of their visual records suggests to me that Carmen should track down and marry Michael Hezarkhani and reproduce for they evidently share some unique, mystical bond that science can not explain.

Compare her photo above to a still from the hezarkhani footage below

Note the partially missing fin and fading port wing/port elevator in both images. What are the odds? Insanity!

Furthermore, how did Carmen Taylor manage to take these two shots (above) on a Sony Mavica that simply can’t due to it’s slow ‘write to disk’ time ?

“Write to Disk” time. After you snap a picture, the Mavica takes several seconds (up to 7 seconds) to save it to disk. Unlike a standard camera, you can’t just keep clicking away. This is a bummer when it comes to capturing sports or any other action where you’d like a close sequence of shots.

More here..

3. Jane 'Joe Public..not BBC' Beresford

Apparently Jane Beresford was in battery park and witnessed the 2nd hit. I looked into this 3 years ago and discovered that rather than being your average witness as the BBC tried to pass off, she was in fact a BBC producer

Bryan has more on this here..

As Bryan found for himself, you barely find scraps on this woman on the internet.

If you listen to her account in the video, she seemingly had the best seat in the house.

Question:Why then, didn’t the BBC follow up with her on September 11, the days and weeks after, nor any time since?
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