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Originally Posted by 07august View Post
Whether you are a funny witch or occultist or pagan, whatever you are, why would you think I could care what a paid posting perp thinks? I have passed on the information to someone who cared. You are paid to post for the perps, I don't think you really care about the truth.

Your pagan avatar gives you away.

Oh noes! I have pagan symbology in my avatar, therefore I must be a paid poster. Because all pagans are evil satanists who want to kill god!

I'm not a pagan, nor am I a christian.

I'm just someone who does not believe cgi planes were used on 9/11, because there is no evidence.

If you've built some false reality whereby anyone who disagrees with you MUST be a paid poster, thats your problem.

I can't beleive the sheer stupidity of calling me a witch or a pagan. Its unbelievable, you may as well go around shouting for the burning of all non-christians and denouncing any kind of free thought.

But just to top it off, theres the fact that pagans were the ones fighting AGAINST powerful christian, islamic and jewish empires from destroying their homeland. They were the ones that believed in harmony with nature, and non-materialistic ideals.

So, in reality, I would'nt mind being a pagan. I'm just not.

Open your mind, and move away from your blind reality.
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