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Originally Posted by 07august View Post
Composited video is NOT a LIVE recording, it is an editted project.

Only viable 911 footage that can be used as evidence is the actual archived footage of the video aired LIVE on 911 am. Your sample of composited video, made after the fact, is NOT original day-of-air recorded video. Your reference is not only MOOT, it is a sample of all the attempts made on 911, and thereafter, by paid perps to support the govt lies of 911. I heard Witch Ann (GWB's witch aunt who runs the groups of hired witnesses, posters and witches who gathered in downtown Manhattan to chant for demonic power as the 911 rituals proceeded) paid $1000 to anyone for every composited video that any witch/non-witch worker could manufacture to post on the Internet in support the 911 lies and intended ILLUSIONS the govt wanted the public to swallow as to what happened that day.

It is merely an example of how it could be done, easily.
All this talk of witches is giving me a headache.

Demand a real investigation. Write or e-mail your senators and representatives, demand that the Congress reopen an independent 911 investigation of all 911 related events, and 911 events thereafter, to expose the treason committed on 911. There is no statute of limitation for MURDER.
I'm in the UK so i don't have any senators etc.

One more word of advice: definitely is spelled this way.

edited is spelled this way.... at least in the UK...

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