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Richard D Hall on Facebook

Originally Posted by zephiloyd View Post
from Richard D Hall on facebook:

How convenient Jed Allen is found dead. This means no trial will take place where lawyers can defend the accused. Just like the Derrick Bird case it will be ran as an inquest where nobody other than the coroner will decide what evidence the jury see. The police immediately state that they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the murders. They know all three murders were done by Allen even though nobody has had the chance to even question him. In cases like this where an alleged perpetrator is killed, there should be a trial AND an inquest. I'd be interested to learn about his step father and mother and whether there were motives by third parties to murder them. The guy walks into a shop and buys a bottle of water just before the bodies were found on Saturday, with seemingly no signs he has murdered anyone, then is found dead a few days later in a wooded area. How the hell can the Police be 100% sure now, before ANY investigation that another person is not involved?????


This is the "new normal of police investigations".

A la, Arnis Zalkans / Alice Gross = The Girl With the Pearl Earring ...


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