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Thanks for the answers so far.

Originally Posted by antarctican View Post
Yes, there are many races on many other planets, however, we are taught that Earth is the cradle of life for this Galaxy.
All life, it is said in our knowledge, begins on Earth, reaches a humanoid form, and after attaining a technological/spiritual point, left to colonize other star systems.
The "reptilian" race often discussed on this site are an example of a reptile evolving to reach a humanoid form. The humanoid form is functional, and if left for a long enough period of time without calamity, most organisms will attain humanoid structure.
The differing appearances of various ETs are due to the genetic alterations made to ensure survival on the new world. Most maintain their humanoid form, as it is a very functional bio-avatar for manipulating the 3D world.
I meant the human races. A major part of the German belief system was that each race was different and only certain strains come from these advanced beings.

Personally, I don't think all the human races evolved on Earth as we're told, in that, the differences are caused by different environments. My intuition tells me that we each came from other places and that's why we've always been in conflict which eachother.

Do you have any information on this?
Originally Posted by antarctican View Post
Yes, this force of ignorance will not stand for much longer. It is my goal to assist with those who wish to break free of said system on an individual level.
Where/who did the force come from though? People blame different groups such as the Jews, Masons, Reptilians etc, but I feel they are simply vehicles for something else. Some form of parasitic entity that sees us as property or cattle. In your belief system, who are 'the others'?

Also, how do you plan to help people break free?
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