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Originally Posted by trux newman View Post
Whilst I agree that Antarctica was part of the global society as proven very clearly by the Maps of the Sea Kings, Atlantis was in the far North, as was Ultima Thule.

If you allow for crust displacement then Antarctica would be around the middle of South America, so it's possible it was the next big island/continent to the south of Atlantis, but Atlantis itself, no.

Fascinating thread all the same. Particularly interested in your Grandmother being part of the Thule society. I thought they all vanished off the face of the Earth without trace?

As stated, "Atlantis" is simply a word that surface-dwellers can relate to. I am speaking of a global civilization. Not just a city.

My great-grandfather was part of the Thule society, my great grandmother was of the Vril Sisterhood. This is how they connected.

Many of the Thule and Vril members chose to stay in the Aldebaran star system after the first few interstellar Haunebu craft tests, including Maria Orsic.

Maria Orsic first established contact with humans claiming to be from Aldebaran through trance and automatic writing. They transmitted the knowledge on how to construct an entanglement communicator, and where to find a meteorite that was a stone from their planet to use for connection.

Once we had full communication, the Aldeberani taught us many other techniques.

Maria was transported to Aldebaran during one of our first interstellar Haunebu craft tests, and chose to remain there.

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