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Researchers noticed many decades ago that surprisingly the original
word for Helios (sun in greek) was referring to SATURN...! When the
linguists were translating the ancient writings, they felt that they had
to "correct" this "mistake", and rendered the reference as always
meaning our current sun (Sol). This anomaly encompasses a great
many languages and examples. Everybody since then just assumed
that anytime a ref to the sun was mentioned, it "had to" mean our
current sun, and in this way the subject of the Old-Sun died what
can be best-termed an either clumsy or manufactured death.

See, the ancients had an abnormal interest in the sky, what I would
call a PATHOLOGICAl obsession with the sun and the planets and
the stars. I don't mean by this to imply they were sick in the head,
but rather that they were periodically traumatized by cataclysmic
events involving drastic changes in the sun & sky that affected the

The extent and depth of this overly obsessive interest in all things
"heaven-skies", can be felt in our calendar; what we call DAY can
be understood as meaning "DEI" (God), eerily associated with
"DEATH" (to "DIE"); the famous Egyptian called "Book of the Dead"
actually had as original title "The book of coming forth by DAY", day
& death intrinsically tied.

The overarching theme of the "SON of GOD" in nearly every ancient
tradition, can be easily surmised when considering that if the notion
of an external "God" as an antropomorphism derived of this "SUN"
or "DEI"/DAY", then it follows that events which led to astronomical
changes in the sky where the Old-Sun was substituted by a "New-
Sun", would be preserved for generations as a tale of the "Son of
the Sun" or "Son of God". We will have to dig deep and steady, and
re-read our history of myths & religion, because vested-interests
have wreaked havoc in their favour, with mistranslations and ways
of interpreting texts that totally obscure the original meanings.

Did we have an "Old-Light" followed by a "New-Light"...? Was this
even the case of "Old-Lights" (more than just one Old-Sun) as the
archetype of POLYTHEISM, followed by a single "New-Light" (our
current sun) as the archetype of the new MONOTHEISM...?

This is a highly complex area of thought, because what we call just
an "astronomic cataclysm", might perhaps be celestial engineering
on the part of highly advanced et's. This not a minor detail, as we
know very well that our current single MOON, is quite the anomaly;
1st. of all a single moon is rare, then a moon which when viewed from
Earth looks e-x-a-c-t-l-y the size of the sun (so the "perfect eclipse"
in circumference is formed), is definitely not a natural/random event.
Then of course that our moon would rotate upon itself in such a ratio
that it would always show the same face towards the Earth, so that
there would always be a face of it we never see ("The Dark Side of
the Moon" -Pink Floyd), is another anomaly many have pondered
and concluded pertains to intentional astro-engineering. This has
led some to speculate our moon is an artificial satellite cloaked as a
rocky orb (or the rocky surface as meteorite shield); famously also
the Mars satellites Phobos & Deimos have been suspected of being
artificial due to their anomalies.

The russian-born american scholar Immanuel Velikovsky was the
first to make waves with his view of a "catastrophic" history of our
solar system in the mid-20th century; being a reputed psychiatrist
and psychoanalyst, he indeed observed an undeniable link between
religious myths and astronomical traumas/cataclysms. There are
also anomalies in the overall solar system as a whole, that lead one
to consider his position (if not the detail of it), as correct; for one
thing, when viewed from the sun's north pole all planets rotate in a
counterclockwise direction -as if on a plate/plane around the sun-.
Similarly & most logically, they also rotate unto themselves in such
counterclockwise direction, yet intriguingly VENUS & URANUS do
rotate in an opposite clockwise direction. There's no way this could
be so, unless a catastrophic scenario occurred; our present solar
system looks very ordered and stable, but this is merely the stasis
it achieved after a quite messy previous history of catastrophes.

The evidently politically-correct rigged official version places the
advent of mankind on Earth at a "much later" time than all these
possible upheavals (if they even want to admit them as possible
at all, which they don't). As an increasing number of researchers
push for the existence of unacknowledged previous more advanced
civilizations way farther back in time, the "age of history" on Earth
with humans on it, gets moved back gradually. In such case, this
means that humans being subject to cosmic upheavals is almost
a de-facto corollary to the topic; which in turn imply necessarily
that these upheavals played a DEFINING ROLE IN THE CREATION
AND SHAPING OF MYTHS & RELIGIONS. There is no escaping
this conclusion, unless you both deny that the solar system went
through cataclysmic changes, and that humans existed way longer
than officially accepted; which naturally begs the "why" the official
powers-that-be keep denying both vehemently, when nearly all
other researchers not aligned with them, conclude differently.

The american-indian tradition is awash with tales of them originating
in the stars, than going under the surface of the Earth for protection,
then resurfacing much later when cataclysms subsided. The current
UFO and conspiracy lore is also awash with rumours of underground
bases with et's and/or human hybrids & so forth residing under the
ground for millennia, urban legends speak of vast networks of tunnels
crossing the entire globe, even under major cities. One goes to the
Cuzco area in Peru, and if they trust you, the local Inca descendants
will tell you of the vast underground cave system where their "gods"
reside; even Manco-Capac their 1st. Inca Emperor was said to have
sprung forth from under Lake Titicaca. This is a CONSTANT in any
high mountain region, be it the Himalayas, the Pyrenees, the Andes,
the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Shasta, you name it. The only veritable
reason to live under the surface in a planet, is for protection from
astro-cataclysms, and also a change in the... Sun. If inhabitants
evolved/adapted under one sun, when this sun is substituted by
another, genetic DNA damage follows, and they will be forced to go
under the surface to survive and experience a softer mutation.

In this scenario, our Earth is one hell of a MUTANT PLANET, and
I think it's fairly obvious the religious & political establishment need
to deny all this at all costs, because once acknowledging even just a
part of it, leads to drastic changes in world views & belief-systems.
As I've pointed out in so many articles in this blog, the present
contrived & preposterous fight between the "Evolutionists" & the
"Creationists", constitute but a giant smoke-screen, as both equally
obscure the real issues of MUTATIONS & DEVOLUTION as inherent
to astronomic cataclysms through eons of time on Earth, and not
simply in a soft/gradual/linear sequential progression in a "stable"
Solar System & planet Earth.

At the core of the issue, that Mutants do not evolve/devolve at the
same RATE as ordinary inhabitants of a stable planet; by definition
a Mutant is a being already adapted to drastic change, & possesses
the ability to effect great sudden mutations to survive in such an
environment, an ability that manifests precisely when conditions
rapidly change -but that might not manifest if conditions stay in
a relative stasis-. Therefore the suspicion of ET genetic engineering
of mankind as prevalent as it is, is not the "only" different from the
official version of life issue; we have a situation of much greater
complexity, whereby both agendas of ET genetic engineering did
take place at different times, intertwined with cataclysmic events
in the Solar System & Earth, with "Fast-Mutations" playing a key
role as well, in those races/species that ingrained this ability. And
this for ex is a view favoured at large within the New-Age and the
conspiracy camps, or even just amongst those aware that in our
present day we are precisely entering one of those moments of
a window of "Fast-Evolution" within the cosmic cycles, even to the
point of jumping Densities/Dimensions ("The Great Shift" or "The
Great Ascension").

Our week days have been named after the 7 main planets; Monday
for the Moon, Tuesday (Martes) for Mars, Wednesday (Miercoles)
for Mercury, Thursday (Jueves) for Jupiter, Friday (Viernes) for
Venus, Saturday for Saturn, and Sunday for the Sun. Why would the
Semitic/Hyksos/Habiru peoples place such importance on the day
of SATURN...? The jewish celebrate the "SABBATH" as the Holy
Day of God, and even the word "ABBA" (father) is embedded in its
name; this is clear irrefutable proof that the concept of a "Person-
God" as within the triad "Father/Mother/Son" derives of the SUN.
If this was all it proved, I wouldn't be here writing this article, since
it is self-evident; however what it further proves, is that Saturn
was the former Sun, and that when Christianity went further and
changed the Holy Day to SUN-DAY to worship "The SON of GOD"
("The Sun of God" but as "The New Sun of God") while at the same
time remaining faithful to the Old Testament Judaism, they were
simply the result of a merger between the Worship of the Old-Sun
Saturn & the New-Sun SOL. Then this represented Continuity &
Stability amongst enormous astronomical changes.

Yet this Judaism/Islam & Christianity paradigm was formed out of
the Egyptian ATEN CULT; the Old Egyptian Kingdom worshipped
the AMEN-RA Sun, not as the only monotheistic God, but as just the
most important amongst the pantheon; then Akhenaten changed
AMEN-RA into a single deity to be worshipped as God, the ATEN.
This the "New Sun" or "New Orb"; he did not erase the previous
deities, but downgraded them to what in our day would the status
of Archangels and such. Monotheism was born, because a single
new sun SOL replaced SATURN, and Saturn perhaps had company,
as in JUPITER. In Greco-Roman lore, Jupiter actually is superior
to Saturn, represented in ZEUS; eerily when combining the names
"Jupiter" & "Zeus" the name "Jesus" results. Thus amid all this
confusion, the fact remains that the current SOL Sun is merely the
latest newcomer, and that the previous Suns were either Saturn or
Jupiter, or most likely both.

Semitic peoples also had an uncanny preponderance of the Moon in
their theology; in fact this why they have been so often labeled as
"Moon Cult" worshippers -(Islam nations carry the Moon in their
flags)-. This means that the current Moon was undoubtedly part
of the astronomic change. The present "MONTH" is named after
the MOON, & also its 30-days duration was squared as best as they
could within the total year with the 28-day of the female MENSES;
the Menstruation -the latin/spanish word "MES" for Month-. The
"Star of David" (Magen David) represents an upward Masculine
force-triangle, and a downwards Feminine force-triangle (also in
street slang understood visually as the Vulva), to mean a Marriage
of the Sun & the Moon. As to why a "marriage" would be "needed"
between the single Sun and single Moon, speaks volumes concerning
the "New Solar System" structure after the Old-Sun Saturn/Jupiter.

The Jesuits famously are named "SJ", this their official designation;
was this merely to indicate "Society of Jesus", or perhaps they also
held the secret of the old Solar System...?

The latin-spanish for Week is "SEMANA", a clear reference to the
polar masculine "SEMEN"; Month/Mes for Menses (Menstruation)
while Week/Semana for Semen. The latin-spanish for Year is the
word "ANNO" or "Año", which strangely matches the word for ass
"ANO", and also echoes the "ANNUNAKI"; thus when universally
defining the historic era, we called a date "BC" or "AD" (meaning
Before-Christ & After-Christ, because his year was labeled ANNO
DOMINE, year "zero"). In spanish from Spain, the sexual innuendo
is even stranger, as the street slang for the female vulva is "Coño"
-echoing a mixture of "Ano/Año", or "Ass/ Year"-, known to derive
of the latin Cunnus. Why would such strange and overt references
been applied between the Week/Month/Year and the Male/Female
genitalia as well as the Menses & Semen that comes out of them...?

The association of course is not between the Time passage itself and
the Genitalia and their sexual reproductive acts & cycles, but between
Sexuality and the Sun/Moon/Planets. The only logical inference is
in other time-periods under a different structure of the Solar System.
Therefore the "urgent need" to so emphatically place their schedules
and adjustments within the New Calendar; something had radically
mutated in the human being, and "understanding by ritualizing" it
was the order of the day. This the origin of religion.

This inescapable conclusion accounts for the strange obsession with
Calendar Order & Rituals within Religion, as well as the rules on all
things sex & such. The freudian avoidance of sex in most traditions
of spiritual enlightenment, while obviously a gross manipulation on
the part of the fake priesthoods, is simply hard to believe was really
devised by them -since it is of such anti natural tendency-. One also
has to conclude that this quite bipolar view on sex, cannot but stem
from the same cataclysmic changes, as mankind assumed a "new"
shape as to the Male/Female form and mechanisms. Initially the
reader might be dubious on this, yet paying a lot more attention to
the symbolism of EASTER for ex, the theme instantly comes to mind.

Reptilians of more evolved stage are thought to be HERMAPHRODITE
in their reproduction -while still some capable of having sex-; Sex and
Reproduction NOT the same thing here. The distinction being that
Sex is for ENERGY-TRANSFER (Kundalini Exchange), while the
function of Reproduction a separate EGG-LAYING mechanism; in
Easter, this appears to be the only plausible explanation for the Egg
symbolism. The universal theme of the "VIRGIN BIRTH", that can be
found in nearly every mythic tradition all over the globe, instead of
being conceptualized in the usual Christian way, can be rather seen
from former eras under a different Sun, when evolution had another
slant, and the hybridization between the Human & Reptilian was still
operating under semi-hermaphrodite sex & reproduction (The Egg).

Few are aware the Wedding Ring is a symbol of the rings of Saturn,
and Weddings were thus mostly performed on Saturn Day/Saturday;
the question arises, as to why such a NATURAL thing as a Man and
a Woman coming together by love to mate & reproduce, would need
be "sanctified/approved" by a Holy Rite...? What is it with this over
arching theme of bipolar suspicion of sex and the reproduction in our
present astronomic era? The only possible answer lies in the previous
statements, that both "Sex" & "Reproduction" changed after Saturn
gave place to the new-sun Sol. Some felt still "obliged" to "sanctify/
approve" all these new mutations, in the Seal of Saturn, how "things
were in the good glory paradise era".

Moreover and eerily so, the EGG itself is a fractal holographic image
of Saturn & Ring layer (yellow yolk/fire & egg white/ice). The notion
of the Egg as "Sacred" within the reptilian ego, is exemplified in my
opinion, deliberately to convey all these themes in the film "Jurassic
Park III", when one of the film's characters steals a dinosaur's eggs;
this series of films has the not-so-hidden symbology of the Earth as
a huge Genetic BioLab, the reptilians being the former era, humans
the present era. The message being, that the reptilians are poised to
RETURN. If you did not get this message when watching this series
of films (specially JP III), then you must have been asleep or are an
imbecile; I'd suggest that you observe the not-casual "coincidence"
between the initials of the series of films "JPI/JPII"/JPIII", and the
series of late Popes JPI and JPII in the Catholic Church (John Paul I
& John Paul II).

The Easter Eggs are obviously meant to represent RESURRECTION,
and this in turn means specifically "Resurrection of the Reptilians",
because certainly we humans do NOT lay eggs...!? The mythical
"3 KINGS from the East" or "Magi/Maji", in my opinion represent
the 3 Stars of Orion's Belts (3 Pyramids) as the prototypical Orion
"origin" (orion/gen) of the Human-Reptilian hybridization; they are
from the "east" because the Sun rises from the East, meaning that
they represent 3 FORMER GLORIOUS ERAS of Reptilian dominion
in the past -as 3 former "births"-. Christmas is Birth and Easter is
Resurrection, and the common threads are the ones I am trying
here to explain in the simplest of terms possible.

One of the 3 Kings is supposed to have been one "BALTHAZAR" of
black race; this King is nowadays represented by Barack Obama,
who is a staged theatrical symbol of the Return of the "Former
Ones". In Standard English Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):



This is why in clear ritualistic fashion, Obama has appointed a new
title of "CZAR"s to every major agenda; when doing this, he is just
saying urbi-et-orbi: "I represent King Baltha-ZAR". It's patently
obvious we never had "Czar"s in America, this is just a ritual.

Here we see current Pope Benedict XVI's Coat of Arms; the image
of a Black Man, a Bear, and a SeaShell/Scallop are the main themes.
The 3 layers of the Tiara on top & the 3 crosses at the bottom are
the 3 Stars/3Pyramids/3Kings as Orion's Belt; the Tiara itself is a
representation of the Egg -as disguised as possible-. Benedict 16
was crowned Pope in 2005, but he already knew the "plan" as to
Obama. The Scallop Shell represents the reptilian royal lineage:


The "BEAR" represents the name "BARACK"

[ BALTHAZAR = 89 = "3 PYRAMID" ]

The 3 layers in the Tiara (pyramid shape on top), stand for the 3
former hybridization eras before mentioned; these 3 bars are to be
viewed as "3 Crosses"-In-One, it is a Triple Cross as Triple Crown.
(the center shield also divided in 3 instead of the usual 4).

Now evidently the name SATURN is the origin of the name SATAN;
what we have I believe, is a group of men who think of themselves
as "maligned" by the official public perception of religion, because
they think of themselves as "satanic/reptilian" in the sense of the
former "SATURN SUN" of old. And these are the ATEN CULT, as
in their minds they see themselves; thus they in secret practice a
double or tripled edge theology, representing both the "New Sun"
Sol in public (the New God), while at the same time representing
the "Old Sun" Saturn, so that in practice they see themselves as
both being GOD & SATAN. This is why everything is formalized
and enacted to have this double-cross or triple-cross meaning, in
the sense that they are always all sides of every issue. Then they
give Benedictions, while they also give Curses, they give Hope & Life
while they also give Suffering & Death.
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