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"..there is always soma, delicious soma, half a gramme for a half-holiday, a gramme for a week-end, 2 grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East, 3 for a dark eternity on the moon..."

There's a guy in the place who's got a bittersweet face
And he goes by the name of Ebeneezer Goode
His friends call him 'Ezeer and he is the main geezer
And he'll vibe up the place like no other man could
He's refined, sublime, he makes you feel fine
Though very much maligned and misunderstood
But if you know 'Ezeer he's a real crowd pleaser
He's ever so good - he's Ebeneezer Goode...

Soma (Sanskrit: सोम sóma), or Haoma (Avestan), from Proto-Indo-Iranian *sauma-, was a Vedic ritual drink of importance among the early Indo-Iranians, and the subsequent Vedic and greater Persian cultures. It is frequently mentioned in the Rigveda, whose Soma Mandala contains 114 hymns, many praising its energizing qualities.. In the Avesta, Haoma has the entire Yašt 20 and Yasna 9-11 dedicated to it..Roobarb... service had begun..The dedicated soma tablets were placed in the centre of the table..The loving cup of strawberry ice-cream soma was passed from hand to hand and, with the formula, "I drink to my annihilation,"twelve times quaffed..the warm, the richly coloured, the infinitely friendly world of soma-holiday...

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