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Its a bit like when he got sent to jail this.

People who have been supposedly reading between the lines of a big brother thought policing state just didnt seem to mind the idea of the judicial system railroading a man into solitary confinement for months because it appeared to me as though even though we all know the BBC MSM is basically a gutter for the shit info put out by the state all of a sudden the state and the MSM had this one right

People were literally agreeing with having.him jailed and.beleiving the crap about jeapodising a case

I couldnt believe it because it was like all of a sudden justice and due process meant nothing anymore as long as people got to get one over on tommy robinson and anyone who might have heard his story

Yes theres all ways a.deeper issue revolving around anutning but the optics of celebrating his.imprisonment just looked like another victory for big brother in the uk

People.deserve the right to be heard without being presumed to be a total moron or ignorant of what may be a multi layered issue

And those people are consistently dismissed in exactly the same way this thread has just done

Its very snobby and presumes everyone is an idiot
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