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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
I think the myopic focus on the islamification of britain conceals from the public the people who are behind the inflow of migrants into britain

Its all coming from the rothschild cabal so unless an activist is talking about them then they are just a distraction

Muslims are not masterminding the takedown of britain...PERIOD

No ifs, no buts...muslims are not in control
I disagree again.

The framework of the UN is increasingly being handed over to Islamic nations.

The compact was put together by both islamic and non islamic nations.

You have a muslim mayor in london ok a fabian.too but still intent on working for Islam first

You keep saying muslima are not in charge waves but i think you will find people being harrassed by the police if they question islam

People have lost their jobs because they aaid something about islam

A man went to.jail.and was killed inside for putting bacon on a mosque a silly move but really ?

Children are being attend mosques who are not muslim

The entire network of with regard to meat is handed.over to halal

Come on waves stop letting islam.of the hook

The number one baby name in the uk ia mohammed yet they make up.less than 10 percent of the.population

I could go on and on waves

And btw not once in the documentary posted ia anyone even.talkingg about islam
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