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I watched for five minutes and turned it off. Typical BBC excrement. Speaker states at the start that here are the facts and confuses the listener with the same for and against we have all heard before.

I was thinking about the chances of us leaving and cast my mind back to the last election when scameron was so convinced that the Polls had it right that Labour were going to walk it. And what happened, one of the biggest political surprises this country has ever had. scameron got in because he offered a referendum and millions of people across the British Isles voted because of that, even though they didn't want scameron in. Add the four million plus votes that UKIP have I am convinced we will leave. Having said that keep in mind it has to a win by a large margin, large enough to make it impossible for TPTB to fiddle it.

I see today that the Scandinavian countries are talking about leaving and joining us in a free trade bloc.
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