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Originally Posted by mollymag4 View Post
Unfortunately, I have to agree with you--I wish both those men you mention were truth tellers. Shrimpton is obsessed with German secret police (reality is that all secret police are bad). He talks a lot and excuses a lot while holding onto his own beliefs. He dismisses the notion of certain high level people being pedophiles because he knows them and they are good fellows.
Agree but I had to do a reality check. Don't get me wrong, I do think aliens and all that stuff exists but my instinct tells me these people are OFF.

Simon Parkes lost me as he continues to talk about Donald Trump as someone who can't be controlled. It is dead easy to control a narcissist, which Trump is, and he is under full control. Why Parkes continues to espouse this belief of Trump being uncontrolled is a question worth contemplating and asking.

Both these men are used to further cover up what is really going on.
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