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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
One thing i will say is that Roage is teaching some powerfull stuff here and im not 100% sure of his motives as of yet and i have detected some clever "neuro linguistic" stuff going on, he likes to wink a bit subtly and the pauses infact all of the body language is well practiced . .
Hi Kaiser

The reason for the winking is clear if you watch some of his other videos. He winks when he says he is "still here, in the wood shop", because law enforcement agents have been threatening to jail him for years, taken away his property, etc, and he didn't expect to be able to be free to make more videos or be left with his equipment to do so.

I can only say that I find him 100% sincere, he will help you or anyone if you have questions (for free) and is definitely not a "cult". He will tell you not to take his word, but to put what he says into practice and find out for yourself. It's working for me, and I have stopped being afraid.

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