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Originally Posted by doobyferkin View Post
imo yes, those who consent to others taking responsibility over their life would imply that they are irresponsible beings

a child has to learn how to survive, a child at first is irresponsible for its own actions and could harm itself, therefore a carer takes the responsibility, at what point does the child take responsibility back, no matter what the intentions of the carer is, providing the child continues to give responsibility to the carer, the carer will continue to enforce what the carer wants regardless of intentions

at what point does an individual take responsibility back, no matter what the intentions of the power system is, providing the individual continues to comply to the system, the system will continue to enforce laws regardless of intentions

the "people" who run the system wants to maintain responsibility for the individual, "they" do not want to give it back and will use any means necessary to keep it

the question worth considering life worth dying for, imo the alternative is live a life of walking dead, would you give responsibility to a zombie to dictate how you should run your life, are you responsible enough to own the responsibility of life, your life?
Thats the thing, is this guy Roage trying to turn us into them cold psychos by trying to convince all who consume his "material" that to treat those who we might consider as sheep like crap pretty badly since they are worthless anyway? Its the same sick message taught by Judaism and Islam isnt it? Goy and Infidel? I need to look at his material more though im only half way through the first vid not much time for it this weekend tho...

Like i said its a double edge sword because if the child is never given the opportunity and freedom to make choices in order to learn that self responsibility for ones self then how does the opportunity ever arise hence this is hell since there are entity's preventing true free will. We re sold into the system at birth by our unwitting parents registering our birth and its down hill from there. I now see why the freemen have had success refusing to consent to magistrates power in the court room and all that, its back to the insanity issue because only a sane person would reject swearing an oath to a flag and all that so to reject the power or refuse to stand under is a mark of self reliance and sanity they ironicly the present insane system will lock you up for displaying since it is indeed hell.

I know this much in my ten odd years reading and searching like a proper Neo, the point of death is very important. If you die with fear in your heart and try to cling on to life with your last breath then your coming back around for another go in the game, if you die with happiness and embrace your last breath then you level up and escape the game. Maybe this is the origin of personal sacrifice leading to heaven or even suicide bombers and there multitude of virgins.....
...I gave my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly, I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.
For in much wisdom is much grief and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. ........Ecclesiastes 1:17-18

Now choose; Red or Blue.

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