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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
......Are the elite justified in there actions given most people are sheep and not willing or able to take responsibility for themselves?
imo yes, those who consent to others taking responsibility over their life would imply that they are irresponsible beings

a child has to learn how to survive, a child at first is irresponsible for its own actions and could harm itself, therefore a carer takes the responsibility, at what point does the child take responsibility back, no matter what the intentions of the carer is, providing the child continues to give responsibility to the carer, the carer will continue to enforce what the carer wants regardless of intentions

at what point does an individual take responsibility back, no matter what the intentions of the power system is, providing the individual continues to comply to the system, the system will continue to enforce laws regardless of intentions

the "people" who run the system wants to maintain responsibility for the individual, "they" do not want to give it back and will use any means necessary to keep it

the question worth considering life worth dying for, imo the alternative is live a life of walking dead, would you give responsibility to a zombie to dictate how you should run your life, are you responsible enough to own the responsibility of life, your life?
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