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How can one avoid suffering without a working knowledge of the law? If one does not know a bus can kill you then one does not know to get out of the street.

The agents in government and banking have been waiting for me to respond to them violently. There is no need for that when I see them day after day slitting their own throats.

These agents and the organizations they represent are nothing more that one continuous criminal act. They cannot help but admit that openly. They desperately try to intimidate people into believing they are the power and they are in control. They have only the power to make life even worse for themselves. They have lost the power to get out of the situation they are in.

I am cool with that.

‘Evil’ has no power over you until you fight and resist it. You need not agree and you need not consent. Consent and agreement require consciousness, awareness and responsibility. Curiously power and rights require the same.

If one is not conscious, aware and responsible then one has no power and no rights.

Only the knowledge of the law will get you out of hell. True love only flows according to the law, no exceptions...
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