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Unless geodynamo is being provided large amounts of electric current externally, liquid iron will never generate strong and stable magnetic field but since inner and outer cores don't exist to begin with, it doesn't really matter. Geodynamo producing large scale electric currents with liquid iron is merely a conjecture at best with no external input of electricity.

Earths core is not iron but electric incandescent ball of plasma. Due to centrifugal force forcing all heavy matter away from the center of earth leaving only lighter matter like gases behind. Earth's core is 100% gaseous and its ionized by electricity. Earths plasma core is powered externally via birkeland currents coming from the central sun via solar wind which enters polar openings and power the inner sun.

Earths magnetic field is generated by the 3000 km thick hollow shell like a hollow sphere magnet would. There is no need for geodynamo. This magnetic field of earth will eventually disappear very slowly making it impossible for life to survive on the outer surface of earth. Only the inner surface will be habitable by life as is the case with Mars today.

Primer fields theory can help understand the inner sun/plasma cores of planets.
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