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Interesting vids kaito - backyard science experiments rock!

I figured there would be a mainstream scientific explanation for why this doesn't apply to the Earth, and found this:

Why doesn’t the earth's core lose it's magnetic properties like a magnet does when exposed to high temperatures!

The reason is that the principle of the geodynamo, the process that creates the Earth's magnetic field, is very different from a solid state ferromagnet.

The geodynamo relies on currents of liquid iron that produce large scale currents and thereby a magnetic field on the outside. Therefore, it requires high temperatures to even work.

The magneticity of the ferromagnet is due to the ordered structure of the material. At high temperatures, the little magnetic units in the material, so-called Weiss domains, are randomized and their order is destroyed. The domains can be re-ordered by applying a strong magnetic field to the material.
I'm happy to concede I don't know the answer one way or another, and I never trust vague assurances from mainstream 'scientific experts' on anything.

It is a fascinating subject to explore.

Do the hollow earth debunkers who will inevitably show up in this thread, have links to any vids that demonstrate this geodynamo-generated magnetic field effect with a practical experiment?

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