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Arrow Norway

In the interview, he argued that “the oppressed also have a moral right to attack the USA with any weapon they can come up with,” adding specifically that he supported the terror attack “within the context which I have mentioned.”

The doctor kissing the dead palestinian child for the camera's...

Gilbert was also a candidate for local government in 2007 for the Norwegian Red Party, an outgrowth of the radical Norwegian Workers’ Communist Party.

To a real doctor all life should be PRECIOUS...

The Red Party is a Norwegian far-left political party and the leading party to the left of the Socialist Left and the Labour Party in Norway. Since 2007 the party has sought a seat in Parliament; the only counties in which they have a realistic chance of earning a seat are Oslo and Hordaland. The party was founded in March 2007 by a merger of the Workers' Communist Party and the Red Electoral Alliance. Turid Thomassen is the Red Party's current leader.

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