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From The Meaning of Masonry (1932) by Freemason W. L. Wilmhurst:
"In all Scriptures and cosmologies the tradition is universal of a "Golden Age," and age of comparative innocence, wisdom and spirituality, in which racial unity and individual happiness and enlightenment prevailed; in which there was that open vision for want of which a people perisheth, but in virtue of which men were once in conscious conversation with the unseen world and were shepherded, taught and guided by the "gods" or discarnate superintendents of the infant race, who imparted to them sure and indefeasible principles upon which their spiritual welfare and evolution depended.
"The tradition is also universal of the collective soul of the human race having sustained a "fall," a moral declension from its true path of life and evolution, which has severed it almost entirely from its creative source, and which, as the ages advanced, has involved its sinking more and more deeply into physical conditions, its splitting up from a unity employing a single language into a diversity of conflicting races of different speeches and degrees of moral advancement, accompanied by a progressive densification of the material body and a corresponding darkening of the mind and atrophy of the spiritual consciousness." - p. 173.
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