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From Astrology of the Old Testament or The Lost Word Regained (1892) by Karl Anderson:
"Alluding to the star Alcyone in the Pleiades, the darkest spot in the heavens, declared by the ancients as the grand centre or pivoting point around which all the fixed stars, our sun and solar system revolve in the great cycle." - p. 113.

"That the Atlanteans builded the Sphinx and the Pyramids at the time mentioned by this priest is without doubt - as little doubt as it is that Atlantis existed and sank." - p. 136.

"Then this Sphinx...was builded 10,532 years ago, and proves the truth of the preist's story to Solon, and also that it was to perpetuate their knowledge to posterity." - p. 138.

"...the sun and every fixed star moving through each sign of the zodiac in 2,154 years, making a revolution around the grand central sun in 25,848, the Babylonian or great father cycle." - p. 190.

"The tarot (to turn, signified by four sixes or four serpents) gives the motion of the earth, thus: , and afterward simplified in '+' because each of the points is 90 degrees, or nine tens, or nine perfect numbers, for the perfect number is 10; i.e., male and female." - p. 299.

"The cross is also the tarot, and used thus [swastika symbol] describes the turning of the world, or rather the earth, on its axis and producing the seasons, being but segments of a circle, the father and better to hide the mystery of the movement. The tarot, or [cross] is made to show both the daily and yearly revolution, that while the earth turns from [Aries symbol] to [Taurus] the sun goes from [Taurus] to [Aries], thus delineating the change of signs by the precession of the equinoxes." - p. 329.

"At this time Sirius, the dog-star, rises in the east, and the three stars in Orion point directly at it to denote the annual rising of the Nile, the saviour of Egypt, where the Great Pyramid is, or great first or prime meridian or [cross]. They are represented as three wise men or kings from the east, and bring gold and frankincense and myrrh, three yellow things, as offerings to the sun (or son)." - p. 333.

"...three bright stars marked Orion, and east of these is Sirius, the brightest fixed star in the heavens. And this is the star of Bethlehem visible every year..." - p. 334.
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