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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
I think this is well dodgy especially they are saying they might not accept the request from the parents.

I can think of a few use of this database.

If they need a spare parts and if someone has a genetic much, they could be asked to donate their stem cells. This is a good version.
The bad version is that they go and kill the person for their parts.

Also, targetted vaccine/medicine could be made to kill you because they know your DNA markup.
I had experience of this 8 years ago when my gran-daughter was born. My daughter was very unwell, I and her other grandmother were in the delivery room. As soon as my grand-daughter was born, the midwife asked my daughter for consent to take samples from the umbilical cord. Of course she gave her consent, in her condition, how sharp is she going to be?

I'm not sure what they do with this stuff, but my worries are they may be producing clones.
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