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Originally Posted by johngr View Post
The exact same problems it caused when it was illegal (plus a whole host of other problems directly due to illegality. I´ve never heard of a liquour store owner shooting it out with another liquour store owner over who gets to sell liquour in a particular neighbourhood. Have you?
Some other problems, directly due to illegality:

1. poisoning from incompetent or unscrupulous manufacturing process or deadly adulterants (and hiring one of Mickey Cohen's thugs is the only remedy for restitution)
2. tending to be available more harmful distilled spirits (rather than less harmful beer/wine) due the the need to conceal illegal substance. Examples from other drugs:

legal smokable opium
illegal, injectable heroin

legal patent medicine with coca extract
illegal crack cocaine

legal dexidrine (more complicated/expensive manufacturing)
illegal methamphetamine

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