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Originally Posted by uglytruth View Post
To paraphrase Edmonds: though the collusion with radical Islam had been going on for decades, it wasn’t until 1996 that a formal decision was made by NATO to abandon their previous secret relationship with neo-Fascists and arch-Nationalists and replace them with Islamists.
I doubt that's the case. They are merely propping up Islamists so they can demonize the religion & justify their own imperialist agenda. They are still very much aligned with neo-Fascists & ultra-nationalists. They are the 'reactionaries' who will lead the revolt against Islam.. problem, reaction, solution..
The "truth movement" is a psy-op to stage the Apocalypse:
Manufactured Problem: the Liberal/Islamic "Anti-Christ" NWO - Multiculturalism & Internationalism
Fake Solution: the Theocratic "Christian Patriot" NWO - Nationalism & Imperialism

=Thesis & Anti-Thesis: Don't pick a side!! Don't fall for it!!
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