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What is logic? Each reality has it own logic. The logic of a bug will be different then from a bird. What makes it universal? What is intelligence? Your one sentence fails, because one cultural logic, will differ from other by just the plain fact of them being different to began with.

What makes one civilization more advance then other? Other then mere different standers and viewpoints of the onlookers themselves.

Has I said before, without knowing WHAT motives the aliens, we are only guessing and properly should not disclaim anyone or thing. We simply do not know, and we can not and should not APPLY human reasoning on to what they do, it would be foolhardy and has usual human egoistical mindset.

One out there thought: Maybe they don't respect or have any use for the normal people most humans look up to, seeing them utterly useless in achieving their goals.

Originally Posted by aitch View Post
Logic is universal and an aspect and expression of intelligence .....


An advanced civilization will be intelligent .....


Aliens would not behave illogically ..... unless they are just imaginary friends conjured up by Alex !!
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