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Is quite simply a "begging for money"website.Now where have we seen that before? Sandy hook et all.

I'm sorry but this all seems like a planned op to me, the salford "untouchable" gig. The "planned" bbc coop. Throwing John sweeny to the wolves.

I stopped paying my TV licence and having tv 5 years ago. I don't need this TR to tell me that.

In essence he has only reviled what most intelligent people already know, the MMS is , corrupt, untrustworthy and full of shit. It's laughable how much MSM attention he gets, that should,tell you something alone.Very suspicious character,openly feathering his nest from doing their bidding.

ALl his you tube follers, are like " yeah i just cancelled my licence, thanks Tommy!" did they think about doing in around the Jimmy Savile saga?!?!?!

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