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Originally Posted by ianw View Post
Green screen goes back to the 50s
So what.

And yes they could do what apolo did
APOLLO has two L's. They didn't do what Apollo did. NONE of their full shots has any depth of field, NONE of it is evenly lit and the only thing that looks vaguely authentic has a background taken on the Moon. Not one of them moves into the background, because there is a bloody green screen.....

IAN?? Can you explain where the green screen is on this.....

No? Run away.

Check this out 'you cant see the wires'
Gish gallup bullshit. You can't see the wires, but you can see clear centre of gravity changes, it is bloody obvious they are using wires, she is OFF the ground. If somebody is using a wire support as they move, so must the rig, unless it directly tracks directly above at all times, which is impossible, there will be a jerk caused by the centre of gravity displacement.

Here is a test video with MULTIPLE wires to properly simulate lunar gravity, obvious jerks.....

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