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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
No of course not - LOW BANDWITH!!!

Is that the best theory that NASA could muster in almost 50 years?!?
No, this is the best bullshit HBs can muster. It isn't a "theory" it is a fact. The TV signal was transmitted on a low bandwidth.

Unless of course you mean that it's a "scientific" explanation that see-through people are a sign of failed special effects!
That's what happens with ghosting duhhhh.

Let's put this in context. The complaint from the noisy HBs is that the Apollo 11 TV transmissions are signs of something nefarious because they haven't a clue about how it was done, why or the consequences for that transmission type. However, on Apollo 15/16/17 the camera is massively upgraded, colour, higher bandwidth and none of the problems from Apollo 11.

Perhaps one of the HBs can explain how the crap this was if!!

Not a peep from any of you!

By peep, I mean a coherent honest response
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