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Originally Posted by jp13 View Post
I am really confused by this statement, are you saying that Amitriptyline is just a weaker version of Largactil?
I have checked with the great Wiki and it doesn't mention the 2 drugs as being the same, but I don't take that as medical proof.
I was prescribed Amitriptyline as a prophylactic for migraines, and even though they are an anti-depressant I've known people to be given them for back pain and other ailments.
Can you please clarify this issue for me?
They are not the same drug, largactyl is a major tranquilliser/anti psychotic and amitiptyline is an anti depressant and is also used to stop pain signals reaching the brain.
Sorry butting in there, maybe GMP has different opinion.

Melleril is similar to largactyl they are both phenothiezines.
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