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A child doesn't form memories as we understand them until something like 18 months old, if i remember rightly

prior to that they build a memory that is more of an impression. Its an impression of whether or not reality is going to fulfill their needs or not

If a child is well cared for they develop the impression that the world is a positive place in which they can gain what they need and this is more likely then to lead to the person having a positive outlook which in turn can affect how they interact with the world as they grow up

if a child is neglected they build an impression of the world as a hostile place that won't meet their needs and they may become morose and more depressive

If you start sticking vaccine needles into babies and chopping off parts of their body then you are contributing to an impression of the world as a place of pain, trauma and danger. this is likely to lead to a more insular and aggressive and paranoid outlook

Also if you alter a person by putting things inside them or chopping bits off their body you are robbing them of their own free will choice of what they want to do to their body. You are stealing from them a fundamental human right and declaring that you have no regard for the sovereignty of their body

If you are against female genital mutilation then under the same principles you MUST be against male genital mutilation.
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