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Default Male Circumcision is bad!

Male circumcision is bad!
For the following reasons summarized by yours, truly.

- harms normal anatomy via mutilation! Deformity ensues!

- (may be/is) association with/unto 'daddy in sky' who is 'father' a.k.a. 'god', leading to homo-erotic behavior and psychological models!

- due to homo-erotic psychological models; perhaps leads to overt pedophilia, via routine mutilation of young boys. (obvious!)

- due to homo-erotic psychological models; perhaps leads to misogyny due to preference to male terms.

- perhaps leads to compensation (overcompensation) for something missing from male anatomy, which cannot be replaced!

- painful abuse of male child leads to symptoms of childhood trauma, and delusions of superiority via lacking anatomy, and false religious doctrines!

- may lead to physiological/mental abuse of others via the false doctrine of child abuse being interpreted to create strength (likely due to nervous harm precluding proper sensory acuity!)

- furthermore leading to the ideation of abuse being the nature of life. Abuse harms life, does not enable life. Life enables life. Not penis mutilation.

Diagnosis (mine): You are dick mutilated homo-erotic pedophile misogynous person!

Grow that one back! (catholic freaks!)

have a bad day!
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