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Default pagan rites

The OT and NT book of Leviticus is difficult for many people. Much of Leviticus is no longer practiced.

Satanism is Abrahamic and not pagan.

Samhain/Beltane reflect climate conditions in the North. Samhain is pagan New Year. Beltane features a May Pole with ribbons. This is when growth is manifest ( Green Man ).

Litha is the first day of Mid-Summer at solstice.

Modern government uses first day of Winter at solstice; first of Spring at equinox; first day of Summer at solstice and first day of Fall at equinox. Modern government changes the old day to the new day at midnight so that both the eve to eve and day to day people are half right.

There is much propaganda on the web. More people are killed in auto accidents than war.

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