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Originally Posted by porridge View Post
A ruin to a god that demanded child sacrifice & still does why the Satanic freaks want a temple in London & New York.

They go on about Isis being savages stuck in the dark ages, what about Baal/Moloch Saturn EL worship like the Shabbatean Zionist death cults we see today still practice..

Maybe Isis should remove the pagan cube found at Mecca also, considering it has nothing really to do with their stupid religion.
Yet we have churches where it is required to eat flesh and drink blood!

Child sacrifice was not uncommon back in those days as infant mortality was quite high, so children may not have been seen as viable until they were some years older, according to a documentary I watched. How much id it actually go on though? the Spanish said the Aztecs sacrificed 20,000 people at one of their festival but there has been no proof of such a thing ever happening on that scale. You have to consider that later cultures did use hostile propaganda against people they wished to replace.

Maybe they should destroy Mecca.

Has nobody gave an official reason why they want to make such a replica? there are hundreds of other buildings that they could copy.
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