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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
Icke should know better than to be quoting from a fundamentalist Christian site. This so called 'Feast of the Beast' doesn't exist and there is no more blood shed in April than in any other month. Have a look at these lists on disasters through the ages, the majority of them would involve fire. Search for 'April' and it brings up 79 results, January and May more than 100 results, February 93, March 86, June, 82. I won't go on but you get my drift. As far as the first half of the year is concerned April has fewer incidents than other months.

There is very little evidence to suggest that human sacrifice was a major part of any Baal religion so I don't see why anyone is worried and why some people are stirring this up.
I'll admit to being completely out of my depth on this, but I always thought that Beltane was a celebration / ceremony to mark the beginning of summer?, large bonfires were lit and feasts / drinking was the norm? I've not heard of these blood, or human sacrifices before and the little research I've done points to beltane being one of a series of celebrations, originating in Ireland (Celtic), and usually performed on the first of the month.

hence may-day is beltane is may-day??
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