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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Pseudonyms, not anagrams. Assumed names.

If aliens were here on earth posing as humans, they would adopt human names as part of their cover. I don't think it's likely there'd be any native Venusians called Dolores, or Saturnians named Donald; it'd be like having a Doug Cunningham from Neptune or a Susie O'Reilly from Jupiter.

With this case, that's backed up by Adamski's references to their natural telepathic form of communication and also the unintelligible 'musical language' he says they used in private:

That makes sense of course. It's the searching endlessly for meaningful anagrams of a name you think is an alien pseudonym and that sort of thing that I was referencing. I don't want another Dogman situation here.

Sol, Let me tell you something about my family that relates to this in a way. Dad was a sociology prof who studied cults and contactees. Before I was born he had infiltrated a group that was actually constructing a saucer. The Space Brothers would give the group the anti-gravity drive when the time was right according to their leader.

Well my sister was a precocious child and among the believers in the group there sprang a rumor that she was an alien child! I'm sure there were any number of details they obsessed over in trying to figure out exactly who they were dealing with, many of which must have seemed to be solid evidence at the time (to them.)

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