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Arrow Der Sandmann


The Sandman dated 1988..

The Chordettes "Lollipop" & "Mr. Sandman"..

The story is told by a narrator who claims to have known Lothario.. It begins by quoting 3 letters:

1. A letter from Nathanael to Lothario, the brother of his fiancée, Clara (the light one).. Nathanael recalls his childhood terror of the legendary Sandman, who was said to steal the eyes of children who would not go to bed and feed them to his own children who lived in the moon..Nathanael (the gift of God) came to associate the Sandman with a mysterious knightly visitor to his father.. He recounts that one night, he hid in his father's room to see the Sandman.. It is Coppelius, an obnoxious lawyer come to carry out alchemical experiments.. Coppelius begins taking "shining masses" out of the fire and hammering them into face-like shapes without eyes..I understand why some women become nuns..


Enter Sandman..

Nathaniel is a given name derived from the Greek form of the Hebrew (Netan'el), meaning "God has given"..The name is borne by an apostle of Christ, according to the Gospel of John..Nathan the Babylonian, also known as Rabbi Nathan, was a tanna of the 3rd generation (2nd century), the son of a Babylonian exilarch..Nathan was the 3rd of 4 sons born to King David and Bathsheba in Jerusalem - Nathan Mayer, Freiherr von Rothschild (16 September 1777 – 28 July 1836) was a Jewish German banker, businessman and financier - Rothschild became a freemason of the Emulation Lodge, No. 12, of the Premier Grand Lodge of England on 24 October 1802, in London..Their device of 4 Arrows became 5 when Nathan too was elevated in 1818, although he chose not to use his aristocratic title of Freiherr von Rothschild..In 1838, Queen Victoria authorized the use of this Austrian title in the UK by his male-line descendants - Nathaniel (horse), winner of the King Edward VII Stakes and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes..VII Stakes run at Ascot over a distance of 1 mile 3 furlongs - Nags me a bit, though, this Boris - He's a real Flash Harry! - Jack is thought to hark back to Medieval times as a common derivative of the name John..Alternatively, it may be derived from the name Jacques, the French form of the name James/Jacob..Whatever its origin, both the name and the word "Jack" were long used as a term to refer to any man, especially of the common classes..Yes.."Poorman"..And George, my devoted deputy: "BeggerMan"... it was yours..It had "From Ann, with all My love" and her signature engraved...I know that Moscow has planted a mole, and I know it is 1 of 5 men..I've known a lot of Bills in my time.. Best Watcher in the unit, I'll bet..As long's he's got his specs on, aye?..Would you like me to tell you the little story of right-hand\left-hand?..

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