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Originally Posted by jack herrar View Post
Was listening to's Goa-Psy channel a few days ago and just couldn't turn it off.

Opsy Live Recorded @ Summer Solstice 2012 (Psytrance/Progressive Psy)
Opsy Live Recorded @ Summer Solstice 2012 - YouTube

-Behind the OPSY project is electronic music composer and producer, Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover (1979) from Serbia, part of well known psytrance project Goasia and individuallyl ambient project under the Kanc Cover alias. OPSY project (founded in June 2006) is in fact a mixture of night psy sound with the eventual mechanical motives expressed in the form of ambient FXs and with techno grooves
I find this music like a drug sometimes. I still need a good hi-fi though.
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