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Originally Posted by truthseeker1980 View Post
No you are wrong.

Are you not aware you will need to scan the cards on every purchase? If you have forgotten it no food for you.

Imagine running out of petrol 200 miles away from home, in the lake district for example, so u are on a holiday and also miles away from a petrol station, you get the jerry can out of ur car walk to a petrol station and THEY WONT SERVE YOU! coz you have forgotten your ID card.

How do u get home?

This is what they want us to do, so then they will sell the chip to us, saying u cant ever forget ur chip and get stuck 200 miles away from home.

Anyone started a DOWNING STREET PETITION for this?
You're getting ahead of yourself a little aren't you? that's nothing more than speculation. Right now the ID card is not mandatory and makes little difference whatsoever.

Therefore it makes no difference to me.
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