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Well not quite .... I've had a driving licence too, since 1981 in fact.

The big difference is , and you need to go on the site and get 'more details about the card' ... is that the card contains a chip.
My card-licence for driving doesn't.... and neither does yours --- so your point is slightly lost on me, to be honest.

Be aware.. 'chipped cards' are the stepping stone to insertion onto the body-proper .... for long enough we've been told this was coming.. in fact its now advertised on TV in the states, and the take-up is quite good as I understand it -- it'll become that 'medical records' have to be 'in' you... and then you'll be denied air travel without your 'chip' being in place .... again, the states already has a 'no-fly' list which adds 25000 names a month to it.

The cards will slowly be manufactured of more and more inferior plastics until they habitually break.. then 'oh, its much easier to just have this under the skin of each and every individual' ... and then 'job done' as far as the PTB are concerned.

Give it 5 years max, and that'll be the norm.. mark my words.
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