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German train 'axe attack' on 18 July 2016 : "ISIS" : "Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani's" alleged call to arms

From the "Bastille Day lorry event", Nice, France thread :

Originally Posted by markgobell View Post

We have also to consider the remote control meme, which has been proclaimed for at least two tewwowism scwipts that I know of ...

which I suspect also played a role on the Lee Rigby event ...

Recall also the reported, "ISIS 42 min audio" - “Your Lord Is Ever Watchful" from Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani on 21/09/2014 - "run him over with your car" ...

If You Cannot [Detonate] A Bomb Or [Fire] A Bullet… Bash His [Westerner] Skull In… Slaughter Him With A Knife, Run Him Over With Your Car, Throw Him Off A Cliff, Strangle Him, Or Inject Him With Poison’

There have been a number of other SUV 4x4 type "ISIS" events too ...

And who can forget Tiananmen Square in 2013 ...


From the German train "axe attack" thread :

Originally Posted by markgobell View Post

We now have the obligatory claims of the alleged axe man shouting "Allahu Akbar" ...

and of course "IS" claiming responsibility ...

whilst not forgetting the "home made IS flag" ...

German train attack: Afghan refugee 'had IS flag in room'

Case closed then ...



From Rita Katz / Mossad / SITE on 21 September 2014 :

IS Spokesman Rallies Fighters Against U.S.-Led Coalition, Threatens Enemy and Calls Individual Muslims to Launch Attacks

Created: 21 September 2014

The Islamic State (IS) released an audio speech from its spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-'Adnani, rallying fighters against the U.S.-led coalition against them in Iraq and Syria, and threatening America, as well as calling upon individual Muslims to launch attacks on civilians in allied countries.


From "ISIS" : Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani alleged call to arms on 21 September 2014

to the German train 'axe attack' on 18 July 2016 is :

= 666 days


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