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Default Democracy and Hypocrisy

Democracy and Hypocrisy

The Rabbi Carpenter (Jesus) told the Pharisees they were Hypocrites because they practiced; “do as I say, not as I do.”

Some people I am told attend religious services weekly, but then engage in sinful behavior the rest of the week. This is Hypocrisy too.

Democratic cultures participate in the Voting process ever two years or so, but between Election Days fail to recognize that they have the power to vote every day with each and every choice and decision they make. This is Hypocrisy of ignorance.

If we want to make a difference in the world we need to Vote every day, not only on Election Day.

Some issues to vote on each and every day:
Food poisoned with GMO’s, MSG, Radiation, Artificial anything, Sugar, or Fats
Medicine vs. Nutrition (Drug Companies do not profit from good nutrition)
Escapism or Victim hood vs. Personal Responsibility
Corruption vs. Integrity (for yourself and others)
War vs. Peace (My country right or wrong is bad policy.)
Have you voted today?

Don't FIX anything, Wake-Up, Grow-Up, and Energize Peace!
1. Wake-Up: Recognize the deception; discover your contribution
2. Grow-Up: Be responsible; stop deceiving yourself and others
3. Energize Peace: Apply your energy to loving and peaceful pursuits

Everything is FIXED by virtue of Waking-Up!

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