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Originally Posted by thelyran View Post
1.Was UFO's reported in the vicinity day or 2 earlier.

2.Is there military bases or storage areas for nuclear waste

3.Is there any tribal legends from the native Indians covering this discrption of being?
...that way,one can wittle down the possibilities.It's a freak,that's for sure.
The damage to the womans body...could be a traffic accident or something similar,and the perp who caused it used a local legend to cover their tracks
(Don't Berate me on that I don't believe it myself,just exposing all the possibilities.) it looks like the legs missing,but the first thing an animal eats is the organs...not usually the extremities...just a thought...but weird and honestly have no idea...
No UFOs reported or military bases -- no one knows exactly when or where the footage was taken. The first clip in post #5 has some background on the Indian legends about a local creature like this. I agree it's a strange mutilation of the body (if it's real), more like something a shark would do than any land predator I know of.

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