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Default Fear is a Pornography We don’t Need

Fear is a Pornography We don’t Need
by Stuart Wilde

We suffer under a pornography of fear, it’s a state sponsored religion, a “blackwash” driven by the agenda oriented bent media that seeks to manipulate people’s ideas and feelings. Fear is how they attempt to subjugate you. We don’t need it infesting our minds and emotions. Most of what you see in the mainstream media’s news is propaganda designed for you to give up your power to the government and the ideals of the foreign infiltrators.

The word “pornography” comes from the Greek word “porneia” which can be translated as “fornication” or “immorality”. And fear mongering is an unwanted fornication, a form of rape, as it penetrates your mind and alters your emotions usually for no reason at all.

It is immoral to scare people for financial reasons or political gain and control. Refuse to be powerless or intimidated, stand your ground and turn the news off, but not before you write in large letters on your TV…. ”F… you and your little dog too.”

The ghouls fire fear as a black mist or cloud. The status quo is a 3-D worldly manifestation of the inner world ghouls, so they operate in tandem. If you feel fear don’t let it linger. Affirm you are strong and brave, look at celestial pictures, put on celestial music, walk in the park, touch a tree, admire an animal in a field. Call a friend you love. Do stuff to get you out of the fear, as almost all the fear you feel is not yours, it’s not real, it’s fired at you by others–ghouls, humans.

Humanity will only be saved from the imposed narcolepsy of the morons of the fascist state by millions of people resisting. Blow love at the creeps, it really hurts them and crashes them down, it makes them sick because it breaks their codes. They can’t accept love, they think it’s something to do with their willy–tee hee.

Sabotage the Matrix whenever you can, blowing love is one way. I paint Christian crosses with my fingers on walls and lamp posts. I slide the prayer cards in cracks in walls. Make some holy water with prayers and lavender, and sprinkle it in the corners of every room where you live. Put some in a spray bottle for when you are out in the street, you can disinfect areas with it. Spray the stones in graveyards but don’t do it at night, too dangerous.

Don’t let the system fornicate with your heart and mind, whisper silently “We have come to crush you, embrace love or perish”.

I know a vile pedophile that abuses little boys, he’s arrogant and mean and full of spite. He attacks people scaring them, he’s very emotionally violent. I saw a pulse of light oscillating in the hallway of his house, it was 3.03 a.m. It came to strip him of his ghoul protection. That was six months ago, he is dying of cancer now. All his life was a cancer on others. I mention this because all the fear is being taken away.

Things will feel much clearer and lighter soon, very soon. The pulse of light I saw travels round the globe, as each spot on earth reaches 3.03 am, a little more of the divine clean up takes place. Stuart Wilde
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