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very true

26: The total number of Garter Knights at any given time; the number is fixed, and new members may be invested only after the death of a current Knight. The number does include the monarch and the Prince of Wales, but does not include “supernumerary” Royal Knights and Ladies and foreign monarchs

999: The number of Garter Knights appointed before Prince William of Wales — he becomes the Order’s 1000th member on June 16, when he is admitted along with Lord Luce and Sir Thomas Dunne. The first Garter Knight was Edward, The Black Prince

Monty Python And The Holy Grail- The Black Knight

At the founding of the Order of the Garter, 26 "poor as but knights" were appointed and attached to the Order and its chapel.

Not so poor now though,

Only in spirit

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you are in the same boat and the same forum as the rest of us
Like I stated before

Like when cameroon stated we are in this all together?

NO we are not

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There aren't 26 knights in the Order of the Garter, there are 24 plus the monarch and the prince of wales. I'll not comment on the rest of the post
Please do

Here it is again,

A creation of the officially disbanded Knights Templar was the Order of the Garter, the premier order of chivalry, created by Edward III in 1348 and still headed by the British monarch. It is an Elite front for the Babylonian Brotherhood and is dedicated to the ‘Virgin Mary’ - Semiramis/Ninkharsag. Meetings of the Order took place under Edward in a special chamber at Windsor Castle around a table modelled on the one in King Arthur legend.

Windsor Castle is built on an ancient and very powerful sacred energy vortex and this is where the Satanist and reptilian, Henry Kissinger, was knighted by the Queen. She is knowingly working for the Brotherhood Agenda and the Order of the Garter is one of her premier networks. Edward III’s name was Windsor and when the present royal family decided to change their German name to an English one for public relations reasons during the First World War, they chose Windsor, after the man who founded this key Brotherhood order. The insignia of the Order of the Garter is a jewelled collar with red roses alternating with 26 gold knots representing the 26 knights in two groups of 13.1 Similar orders emerged in France with the Order of the Star, the Order of the Golden Fleece, and the Order of St Michael.

The Freemasons are the Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion under another name and the Company of Jesus or Jesuits are based on the same structure as the Templars with the same goal. The Jesuits and the Knights of Malta are esoteric secret societies which hoard and use the secret knowledge while outwardly claiming to be Roman Catholic and ‘Christian’.

They are doing exactly the same as the Templars did at the time of the Crusades and together they control, with the higher levels of Freemasonry, the Vatican, the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. In other words, they control both sides, the esoteric underground and the Church which condemns this very same underground as evil. Thus they control the game and the ultimate outcome of the game - unless we wake up fast. An obvious example of this came after the papal purge on the Templars. In 1312, all lands and property owned by the Templars were given by the Pope to their ‘rivals’ the Knights Hospitaller of St John, later called the Knights of Rhodes and now the Knights of Malta (Catholic) and the Knights of St John (Protestant).

Both were the same force, as were, and are, the Teutonic Knights. All were involved in the same things, including banking, and used the same vicious, unscrupulous methods to get their way. For more than 200 years until the middle of the 16th century, the Hospitallers and the Templars were merged into a joint order and much Templar land and property was not absorbed by the Knights Hospitaller, even though most of it was there for the taking.

The Templars restored their influence in France under the title of the Scots Guard in the mid 15th century. When Robert the Bruce was installed as the unchallenged king of Scotland, he signed a pact with Charles IV of France, renewing what was known as the ‘auld alliance’. This was no surprise, given that the bloodlines which controlled Scotland, including Bruce and the Sinclairs, came from France and Flanders.

In 1445, a later King Charles, Charles VII, formed the first standing army in Europe since the Templars and, in fact, it was the Templars. Pride of place in Charles’s army was the Scottish Company and it was at the front of all parades. Even more powerful and influential, however, was the elite Scots Guard which consisted of 33 men - a very significant esoteric number which would manifest again in the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Scots Guard was there to guard the king and they even slept in his bedroom. Not all 33, I hope. As the numbers in the guard increased it was by multiples of 13, again in keeping with esoteric numerological laws and a key number to the Knights Templar.

Commanders of the Scots Guard were automatically made members of the secret society called the Order of St Michael, which later established a branch in Scotland. Another common theme of the manipulation into the present day is that people operating behind one ‘mask’ are also members of other, sometimes many other, ‘masks’ working to the same agenda. Yet again, the Scots Guard (Templars) proved to be expert at the Trojan Horse technique.

They infiltrated and took over the administration of France as ‘advisors’ and ‘ambassadors’. Charles was their puppet and the names of this Scots Guard elite are getting familiar... Sinclair, Stuart, Hamilton, Hay, Montgomery, Cunningham, Cockburn and Seton. These were the families who came to Scotland from France and Flanders and could trace their bloodlines back to the ancient Near East and the Anunnaki. They took over Scotland and now they re-established their influence in France.

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