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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
That's true, its by david Icke and there are numerous mistakes in it. The Scots fought alongside the French for centuries and it is a nonsense to say that the standing army formed by Charles VII were Templars. Maybe some of them were but not all. 8000 Scots went to France in 1418 to help the Dauphin, th future Charles VII and he chose 100 of the best for his personal guard. If Icke thinks it was 13 men then were are his sources?

Charles VII was not a puppet, he was a succesful king, Again were is the evidence to say he was a puppet? The Scottish nobles he says came from France to Scotland in fact were Normans who came to Scotland from England.

Edward III's name was not Windsor; he was known as Edward of Windsor when he was young because that is where he was born. That is not the reason the current royal family chose the name; I believe it was because it sounded "english".

There aren't 26 knights in the Order of the Garter, there are 24 plus the monarch and the prince of wales. I'll not comment on the rest of the post but if Icke can't get details right how can anyone have confidence in other things he says?
very true
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