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Originally Posted by frankanne View Post
Hi Redhead. It's written by Rik Clay who has/had a blog called the cosmic mind. His blog was brilliant, but suddently it went down last week. Rik seemed to disappear without trace. There's a whole thread about it

We are now told by different people that Rik needs to have a break, which is fair enough, but why did he take down his blog with all his wonderful and hard earned work? Still doesn't make any sense.
Well done Canada, for reproducing lots of Rik's work. We'll keep this live on the internet, even if Rik's blog has been taken down, we'll keep the info flowing.
Thanks for the background Frankanne, it does seem a bit strange like you say having a break is one thing, but to take down your work after all the effort you've put in does not make sense, but it could be one of two things that spring to mind.

Maybe the alphabet agencies have threatened him or his family. People must remember Truthseeking is not a hobby and it can get very dangerous if you tread on to many toes.

Also too many truthseekers plagurize other peoples work as there own, now im not suggesting Rik has done that but it could answer the question as to why his blog has been taken down

Anyway has anybody got a copy of Part 3 floating about?

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