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No such optical illusion exist nor polar ice caps are reality. We have polar ice rings, not polar ice caps. Polar ice caps are a form of censorship. Polar ice rings form around the rim of polar openings. Polar ice caps are impossible due to centrifugal force and polar hot spot.

Mars doesn't have dry ice caps nor dry ice rings. Dense white fog coming from the hollow interior of Mars which at times entirely covers the polar openings of Mars and at times disappear fast, has been misinterpreted as dry ice caps. Mars still has lot of atmosphere within its hollow interior. Read Chapter III from page 30 of Marshall B. Gardner's book: Earth also has the same polar openings as proven in Chapter IV-VIII which is a collection of evidence from polar explorers and scientists themselves.

Polar openings are natural formation, a result of centrifugal force generated from rotation of planets forcing all heavy matter away from its center.

Even in this NASA experiment you can clearly see the hollow interior and polar openings in the process of formation by centrifugal force.

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